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About Me


I am Javier Ortiz, A former Wall Street Investment Banker VP for both Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers back in the eighties. Retired at the age of 30 and currently have approx. 15k tax-free on a monthly basis from my investments back then. Made approx. 500,000 sales related phone calls in my career. Taught many college grads including Ivy Leaguers the investment business which I can assure you is much more difficult than any home business. The reason there is a 99.3% failure rate in the home business industry is 2 distinct things,

1) A total and absolute lack of support, which is why I run my business 24/7 to give my clients every possible opportunity to succeed and

2) Non-business people teaching other non-business people a business. It is truly an unfortunate joke.

The reason people succeed with me is that my clients are working with an actual real business person with many years of Wall Street experience. I know and can teach virtually any business because of that experience. No one in the home business industry can make that same claim. Because of my success and business knowledge, I take my teaching ability very seriously and my client's success very personal. If you want to finally work with a real business person to finally see the online business success you deserve, take that final step and give me a call. I look forward to hearing from and more importantly working with you.


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