How To Solve Problems Creatively

Solving problems creatively doesn’t mean painting a picture of the possible solutions, what it means is researching all of your options. The options that you consider to be available and that fit into the successful outcome of solving your problems aren’t necessarily the only options.

When a problem arises, thinking about it in different ways and describing it to yourself in as many ways as you possibly can, helps your mind to collect different information that can help you solve it.

Many of us actually do have problems because our focal points are too narrow. We don’t ever consider how many options and solutions there actually are to one problem. We just think about it in our regular thinking mode, without exploring all of the available options.

To be able to solve problems creatively you need to approach it from all aspects. Before anything else, define what your problem actually is. Is it really a problem? Most of the time our problems are not real problems, but because of our perception they seem to be a problem when they really are not. A problem is only truly a problem when if not solved it can affect your life in a negative way.

So, if you’ve got yourself a real problem, the next step is to define what part of the situation is the biggest obstacle to overcome. Write everything down about the problem, and start thinking constructively of how you plan on solving it. Do your research about it and try to find out as much as you can. Every little detail counts, so write it down!

Start coming up with effective solutions. It’s okay if more than half of them don’t seem like the proper solution, just keep doing this until you can’t think of any other effective ways to solve the problem. Once you’ve thought of all that you can, start combining the ideas that you’ve come up with. Evaluate them and try to “pair” them up with other ideas as much as you can. You may find your solution through that or you may even come up with the ideal solution.

The most important thing is that you don’t panic. Solutions can’t surface if they are buried under tons of worry and panic.

Each problem has a solution, and it’s only a matter of how calm, effective and creative you remain in order to get to it.

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