How To Successfully Get Rid Of Beliefs That Limit You

We use our beliefs as filters for reality. Although we all live in the same reality, your perception of it is different than other people’s perception of it. A situation that occurs is never the same to all of us. We all have different perception and each of us have a different view on reality. What you find to be beautiful, somebody else finds to be unpleasant. Even when two people find the same things beautiful, it can be for different reasons.

Beliefs are formed by us to help simplify the ever so complicated world we live in. Now, some beliefs are positive. If you lost some of your money due to keeping it in your pockets instead of in a wallet, chances are you started using a wallet. From the negative situation in which you lost your money, you created a belief that keeping money in pockets is not a good idea and to prevent it from happening again you started using a wallet.

There are many examples on how and why we form certain beliefs, some are necessary and protect us from negative situations happening again. While some beliefs are limiting and are not based on logical events. These beliefs do not protect us, instead they keep us away from achieving success and happiness.

We form many of these self-destructive beliefs, most of which we are not aware of. So, you’re probably wondering how to start being aware of the ones that are limiting you. Well, it’s actually easier than you think. Constantly repeating certain phrases that make you feel negative afterwards is a good sign that they are self-destructive. Saying things like “life is so hard”, “I always mess things up” or “I can never do that” are all clear signs that you’ve got negative beliefs. Constantly repeating negative or limiting phrases and sentences to yourself is affecting you in more ways than you’d like to know.

It’s never just a thought, phrase or sentence. Words carry meaning, especially the ones you say to yourself. Words are what we think and feel. If they are negative, you need to question the thoughts and feelings behind them.

Start focusing on your thoughts. It may be hard and focusing on them may lead to even more thoughts, but after a while you’ll start discovering how negative (or positive) you actually are. Behind each negativity, is almost always a limiting belief. Question your negative thoughts. Don’t just let them be, those very thoughts are the things that are holding you back in life. Once you find the negative beliefs that are hiding behind the negative thoughts and phrases, it’s time you started eliminating them. Any belief can be eliminated. Even the ones you’ve been believing in since childhood. If you acknowledge it as something negative and bad for you, get rid of it. It’s as simple as that.

Take things that you would like to start thinking about and believing in and make a switch. Give up the bad thoughts, phrases and beliefs for the good ones. You have the power to change your life. You have the power to believe in whatever you want to believe in. Stop blaming other people or things for where you are. It’s your responsibility, so step up and change what you don’t like.

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